Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Las excusas

You know that saying "no news is good news"? Lies. Lies, I tell you.

RĂ¡pidamente, here's the skinny on why I haven't written much lately:

1. Mood. Could my brain possibly pick worse time to slip into a deep depressive episode than the tail end of what has arguable been the most difficult semester in years? I think I'm being a trooper about not sobbing in front of my undergrads and I've only broken down in one professor's office so far (and that was phonetics, so no surprise there), but the physical part of it is tougher to combat. I'm soooo sleeepy, all the damn time. And the headaches, gah. I will get to the end of the semester, and then I'll take care of my poor stressed-out poorly-firing synapses.

2. Logistics. I am cursed. My laptop and my neurochemicals are in league against me, they hate me and have bad timing together. My otherwise beloved Dell decided that it should crash its pinche hard drive last Thursday. An IT angel at my husband's office saved my super-critical files, but I'm straining to get all my work done on borrowed computers. I want my laptop back. I'll even forgive it the pain and grief it's caused me.

3. More logistics. End of semester, three huge research papers, one fianl to take, one to administer and grade. Oh, and prep my undergrads for it. There go my alloted 24 of each day.

So, these are my excuses for being a lousy, not-call-you-back, never-send-an-email friend thses last weeks. I will return to my normal(?) self sometime after the 19th. I'll bake a pumpkin pie and all will be right in my little world, for a few weeks anyway.