Wednesday, June 6, 2012

El alquiler

Update to the last post: on Monday, the woman I left a voicemail for at the hospital got back to me (two and a half weeks later). She was nice and helpful, and apologetically shared with me the unfortunate news that not only do they no longer have a psychiatrist on staff, they have no plans to hire one. They have an opening for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner that they are trying to fill. She told me that for the time being they do psychiatric care through something called TeleMed. I didn't tell her that I know someone who died because their TeleMed psychiatrist didn't know his contraindications. I just very nicely told her that I had in the meantime made plans to go out of state to get my regimen straightened out and that I'd figure it out from there.

Sometimes I really question our decision to move out here to the end of the world. If I take the recommendations of friends here in town, I will probably find a psychiatrist in Anchorage to get my maintenance care and we'll just work it into the budget. Right now I'm just counting down the days to seeing my old psychiatrist in Denver. One week from today, I will be sitting on my parents' backporch in Colorado, wearing shorts and sandals and sipping lemonade.

In the meantime, we thought we had found a place to live. (Aside: I don't like the way some things work in this town, like the rental market). It's a tiny but clean little place near the river, and I had gotten pretty excited about it. Well, last night when we went to meet with the landlords, we found out that it wasn't a done deal, and that they were showing the property to several other prospective renters. Now, from their perspective I understand wanting to be able to have some options and to filter their renters, but I'm feeling a little desperate. The man we've been staying with (we were housesitting, but now he's back from out of town) is a gem, he is very kind and generous and I don't want to wear out our welcome here. I made the mistake of letting my heart set on the little house by the river. Keep your fingers crossed for us. We should know by sometime today whether we get the place or not.