Thursday, July 15, 2010

No estoy muerta

Contrary to some recent speculation, I am, de hecho, alive. Se lo juro.

Per Rocektgirl's request I am updating my blasted blog, and when the date of my last entry popped up I realized that I haven't posted in over a year. Ouch. So sorry, Rocketgirl. It's not as though we talk every other day or anything.

There are myriad reasons for this. In my most recent (¡ja-ja!) entry, I was bemoaning my lack of employment. One year later, I'm back in the same boat. I did get a job, teaching middle school Spanish in a district a mere thirty miles from home, but they drastically reduced the position for next year so I didn't re-up (Is "quarter-time" even a job? Really?). I have mixed feelings about this. The kids and many of their parents and my colleagues were awesome, but I have never been so exhausted in my life. It was more draining than having mono, plus the emotional drain. I'll admit that I do miss my kids, but secondary ed just isn't my calling in life. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Since school got out, I've gone underground. I'm just too tired and emotionally unstable to show my face or get much done right now. I'd thought the funk would have passed by now, but it's taking its sweet time. I ought to be more proactive about shoving it out the door, but that's the sick irony of having my motivation sapped. Right now I'm working on shedding this pesky writer's block.

And yes, my social life has been the other casualty. Ask me if I care, ja-ja-ja. In sincerity, though, I do feel bad about not being in touch with my friends. That makes me kind of a crappy person.

It's getting better, but in the meantime, here's to apathy.